Indian Army gets state-of-the-art Suicide drone

New Delhi: Once you hear the suicide drone, you too must have been surprised for a while. In fact, the Indian Army has decided to deploy indigenously made suicide drones with the intention of attacking the forward posts of the China border with artillery and strengthening the security. The Army has set a target of procuring at least 10 sets of Medium-Range Precision Hit Systems (MRPKS).

120 suicide drones have also been included under this set, which will be deployed on the northern border with China. The induction of suicide drones (also known as loitering munitions) will not only enhance the capabilities of the army's artillery units but can also thwart the nefarious designs of the enemy country. Recently, it has been told in army documents that precision-guided weapons are needed to win the war psychologically and the first attack on enemy countries in the present and future.

In such a situation, the Army will need such indigenous weapons to destroy enemy targets. Suicide drones are MRPKS unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAV) capable of an accurate strike at a certain time and set targets at the right time. The induction of this missile-like drone will give India a major edge against Sino-Pak.

what is the specialty of suicide drones?

This drone falls on its target as soon as it goes up and then blasts there. Most importantly, these drones are not like ordinary surveillance drones or armed drones. This surveillance drone can only reiki, while suicide drones have the power to attack the ground like an aircraft. Another feature of suicide drones is that it works like a missile. This suicide drone is constantly controlled and guided through satellites, radars, etc. In such a case, the attack of suicide drones can be stopped even a few seconds before the blast.

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