Indian Army to get AK-203 rifle, know what is its specialty?

New Delhi: India has signed an agreement with Russia on AK-203 assault riflesin another new statement on security and military equipment. This rifle is being brought to the place of Insas. The Indian Army plans to change it in view of Insas' missed firing on standard issues and more criticism in the recent past. The AK-203 agreement has the prestigious seal of the arms-related Kalashnikov family, which makes it more trusted. The goal of this agreement is to locally do everything from content to resources for production. Thus, the agreement will give a new height to the efforts of 'Make in India'.

AK-203 Assault Rifle Specialty:-
the AK-203 assault rifle is capable of hitting the target at a distance of 300 meters. AK-203 assault rifle uses a 7.62×39 MM tablet. The AK-203 assault rifle without a magazine weighs about 3.8 kg. AK-203 assault rifle is a rifle with light weight and advanced technology.

What is the difference between AK-203 and Insas Rifle?
AK-203 is lighter, smaller and more lethal than the Insas rifle. The Insas rifle without a magazine and a beonnet weighs about 4.15 kg while the empty AK-203 weighs 3.8 kg. Speaking of length, while INSAS is 960 mm without a beonat, the length with stock folded of AK-203 is 705 mm. Insas uses 5.56×45 mm bullets, while AK-203 uses a 7.62×39 mm bullet. Insas has a range of 400 meters and the seating range of AK-203 is 800 meters. The AK-203 magazine has 30 bullets, while the Insas Rifle has a capacity of 20 rounds. In addition, AK-203 has both automatic and semi-automatic modes. Similarly, 650 bullets run in a minute from Insas. AK-203 runs 600 bullets a minute. This increases its firepower.

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