Indian Clothes Every Indian Girl Should Have in Their Wardrobe 

Mar 04 2020 02:47 PM
Indian Clothes Every Indian Girl Should Have in Their Wardrobe 

India is rich in tradition and is such a diverse culture. Among the many things that it has, their variety of clothing stands out the most. There are common attires and those that are part of their daily wear. However, you can wear these clothes to fit on many occasions as long as you style them well and appropriately. The attires range from traditional to western pieces and they are fit to wear to the many great events that happen all year round. Since the clothes are in many varieties of each and you need to choose a few for your collection. It can get confusing but there are varieties to choose from for various functions. Even though you love western outfits, there are some Indian outfits that you need to have for the many traditional events. Below is some common Indian attire every Indian girl should have in their wardrobe.


Every Indian woman should own at least two or more sarees as part of her collection. The saree is the most common among all Indian outfits among both Indian women and non-Indian women. The saree is a long piece of attire that has beautiful designs that you can drape in many ways on your body. Today, the saree has evolved in many ways and you can get them in various types like the party wear saree, wedding sarees, and everyday sarees, but the dressing remains the same. In the past, the saree was considered the hardest piece to dress in and also uncomfortable to move in. Nonetheless, all that has changed since there are ready-made sarees so you do not have to hold anything in place. Pant sarees that you just drape are a great alternative to wearing a saree with a petticoat. Also, many ways are now available to drape a saree with unique blouse designs to match.


The Kurti is also known as the kurta. It is a favorite among every girl and woman. This should not lack among your attires as it is a comfortable and versatile pieces of clothing. It is worn with jeans, leggings, dhotis, churidar, among many other bottoms. Also, the Kurti has many designs to it that you can choose from depending on the occasion that you are attending. To understand it better, it is like a desi version of a normal shirt. Therefore, instead of wearing the western outfits of jeans with a top every day. Have several Kurtis in your wardrobe that you can wear for casual days. There are indo-western Kurtis that you can dress to as they are a blend of the Indian and western attires. They are also affordable hence the reason most college girls love wearing them.


An Anarkali is one evergreen outfit that is loved due to how elegant and sophisticated it looks. It comes with many bold and rich patterns and colors. Hence you cannot call it a ‘simple’ outfit as it portrays class. It is common attire among brides and you can notice that they wear it in most of their wedding ceremonies. This is because, from head to toe, you will love the pattern jewels around the neck, the sleeve design, the embroidery on the bodice area, or on the entire dress the list is endless. Also, you can choose one in an outstanding print to pop out for the event you are going to attend. Add the Anarkali to your Indian attires collection and dress to it to weddings and super fancy events.

Salwar kameez 

Also known as the suit or salwar churidar in India and Pakistan. The salwar kameez is common and many middle-aged women wear this attire. This does not mean you cannot wear them if you are younger. There are salwar kameez outfits for everyone including young children. Plus, you can wear a unique style of salwar kameez that is not the usual bottoms and top dress. For instance, there are Anarkali suits, Punjabi suits, Sharara suits, among others that you can wear. They range from very simple everyday wear to very heavy party-ready suits. Add various salwar suits to your Indian collection and make a bold statement every wear you go through the rich colors and its fabulous designs.

Lehenga choli 

The beautiful Lehenga choli is another must-have outfit. This outfit is common for the bride and her bridesmaids. The grace and sophistication it creates to the wearer no one can beat or copy that as it is on another level. The varieties are many as well, just like other Indian outfits, and you can choose to dress to it in a way that suits your personality. Since it is a three-piece outfit, you can play around on how to best wear it. For instance, you can choose a contrasting choli to the dupatta and Lehenga or a contrasting dupatta to add color to the Lehenga and choli, among other styling options. All in all, anyone wearing the Lehenga choli ensemble always looks amazing due to how this piece stays together and flows with your silhouette. Have a Lehenga choli for dancing to a Sangeet ceremony or the Garba festival as it is easy to move in due to how the design looks like and flow with your body.


A dupatta may seem like a small piece of clothing to have in your collection. However, it is the most important for an Indian girl and not just one but several of them. Choose multicolor, plain, and embroidered dupatta in various fabrics and have this symbol of modesty in Indian society. There are ample ways you can wear a dupatta and also style it with various outfits both ethnic and modern ones. Although you can wear an outfit without it, those who use it as part of the outfit or accessory look outstanding and put together. Wear it over jeans and t-shirts for that chic look or to style up your salwar suits for a different look.

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