Indian company claims to completed FB Challenge

A startup company in Bangalore has claimed that it is the first company to successfully complete an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Challenge launched by Facebook in 2015. 

This challenge was a difficult process in 20 parts. Adopting a special approach, Dual Analytics has completed all 20 goals. These are called 20 QA BABI Tasks, which the company has completed with 100% accuracy. 

According to the company, this test was organized by Facebook AI Research (Fair). Its purpose was to understand and assess the performance of AI-based programs. Dual Analytics is headquartered in Chicago and its operating office is in Bangalore.

It was founded by Lt Col Shashi Kiran, former army officer, and Lieutenant Colonel Naveen Xavier. The team of this company has been trained by leading entrepreneurs, innovators, policymakers and thinker Sam Pitroda.

Pitroda is the chairman of this company. Pitroda said 'Facebook made this test in 2015. Many global companies have made a lot of efforts, though no company has succeeded. ' 

DataVal has developed a new natural language-based technique, most of which is based on the system based on the whole method of understanding the language of the people and solving the problem. 

"We believe this will lead to a variety of benefits in business, education, health, banking, governance, defense, manufacturing, and service sector. Along with press release, we have included a set of powerpoint slides, Bio of founders and photographs for your consideration" Pitroda said.

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