Indian Embassy declares, Weekend curfew lifted in Kiev

The weekend curfew in Kiev, Ukraine's capital, has been lifted, allowing stranded Indian people to flee to safer ground. This comes after five days of severe conflict between Russia's and Ukraine's armies.

"In Kiev, the weekend curfew has been lifted. All students are instructed to proceed to the railway station in order to continue their journey to the western parts of the country "Through social media, the Indian Embassy in Ukraine communicated.

The armed war between Russia and Ukraine escalated in the early hours of Thursday, when Russian forces launched a significant assault on Ukraine, firing missiles into cities and military institutions, putting Indian residents living there in grave danger. Since then, India has been evacuating its residents from the war-torn region just in time. Ukraine Railways is putting special trains for evacuations, according to the Embassy.

On Sunday, Indian citizens living in areas of the war-torn country where a curfew has been imposed were instructed not to travel to railway stations until the ban is lifted.

"According to the latest reports, heavy fighting is taking place in Kharkiv, Sumy, and Kiev. Indian nationals in these locations, as well as other places where curfews have been imposed, are strongly recommended not to travel to railway terminals until the curfew has been lifted and significant civilian movement has resumed "Sunday's advisory said as follows:

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