Indian government to accelerate electric vehicles usage, Gadkari

Nov 24 2020 06:14 PM
Indian government to accelerate electric vehicles usage, Gadkari

Union Transport minister Nitin Gadkari said the Government aims at creating core global competencies in India by facilitating seamless integration of the automotive industry with the world. He said the government is trying to create an environment to increase the uptake of electric vehicles in the country. Addressing a virtual conference ‘9th Edition of Auto Serve 2020‘Electric Mobility Conference 2020-Seizing Opportunities in New Normal minister asked the auto industry to come together to work jointly towards achieving broader national agenda of reducing pollution. 

The government has reduced GST for electric vehicles to 5%, allowing delinking of battery cost of 2-3 swheelers from vehicle cost as it accounts for nearly 30% of the cost. Government is planning set up  at least one electric vehicle charging kiosk at around 69 thousand Petrol Pumpsacross the country to induce people to choose electric mobility. Gadkari expressed his dream of making India a global automobile manufacturing hub in next five years. Also it contributes to Prime Minister’s vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat fulfillment. 

There is a huge requirement of about 25 million skilled jobs in the automobile sector in near future, said the minister. Government has earmarked over Rs51000 crore for this sector under Production Linked Incentive(PLI), the highest amongst the 10 champion sectors. Minister further asked the industry to go for manufacturing flex engines which has versatility to use petrol or ethonal/CNG as fuels. He wants the industry to go for alternatives and less polluting fuels like CNG, hydrogen, electricity. He revealed the government is working to make Delhi and Mumbai Expressway as an e-Highway. He called for various innovations and usage like double decker buses to cater the market needs. 

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