Indian Railways set world record, built 150 rail engines in Corona era

Sep 15 2020 02:02 PM
Indian Railways set world record, built 150 rail engines in Corona era

New Delhi: Indian Railways has achieved a major milestone in the crisis of the Corona epidemic. Chittaranjan Locomotive Workshop of Indian Railways has completed production of around 150 locomotives so far in the current financial year 2020-21. They are also produced after a complete lockdown in April-May and partial lockdown in July, August and September. The 100th engine was completed on September 8 from the workshop.

Chittaranjan Rail Engine Factory of Indian Railways has completed 70 years. Starting from steam engine, this factory has completed the work of making more than 10,000 railway engines by combining diesel and electric engines. This rail factory has been making engines continuously since 1948. CLW has also made a world record by manufacturing a total of 431 engines in the year 2019-20 by the Rail Engine Factory. The WAP 7 engine is also being manufactured in the Chittaranjan locomotive and the engine runs on head-on generation technology. This engine consumes very little power. This engine is being used in high speed trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi.

Recently, the engine WAP 5 with a capacity to run up to 200 kilometers per hour has also been prepared in Chittaranjan Locomotive Workshop. Trains are also being run through push and pull technology with the help of this engine. This factory produces engines ranging from 6000 hp to 9000 hp. This engine drives goods trains.

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