Luggage delivery app-based service: BookBaggage in collab with Indian Railways

Jan 27 2021 03:19 PM
Luggage delivery app-based service: BookBaggage in collab with Indian Railways

New Delhi: Indian Railways, which is becoming high-tech in the time of the corona epidemic, has taken several major steps so far to facilitate passengers. Now, the railways are preparing to relieve the hassle of lifting the baggage load to passengers traveling on the train. In fact, the railways are preparing to provide a service that will allow your luggage to reach the train berth from home. The name of this facility of railways is an end to end engagement service.

According to Western Railway, this service has been launched at Ahmedabad railway station first.  As per the information furnished by the Railways, the service has been launched under NINFRIS. It is expected that the service should be provided at all stations of Indian Railways in the coming days. This service will help passengers traveling by train to get rid of the problem of carrying goods from home or transporting goods from the station to the house. Passengers will have to book their luggage through Information about the size and weight of the luggage has to be provided. According to which the service charge will be charged.

The Indian Railways has made several stringent arrangements to protect passengers amid the corona epidemic which includes facilities including automatic ticket checking machines, medical assistant robots at railway stations.

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