Indian Railways comes up with a great plan! 1200 crores to be saved

New Delhi: There is essential news for railway passengers. Now the train journey will be even more pleasant. Railways have prepared a brilliant plan to keep the station and train clean. Despite the strictness in the corona crisis, the habit of spitting people at railway stations and platforms or any public place has not been controlled. But now the Railways have found a rare way to control these habits.

The Railways has come up with great innovation to ban this habit for individuals at the same station and platform. You will be surprised to know that every year the Indian Railways spends Rs.1200 crores to clean the stains and marks caused by the spitting of paan and tobacco eaters. Means 1200 crore rupees are spent unnecessarily due to a bad habit.

The same Railways has now prepared a brilliant plan to save this Rs.1200 crores which are wasted every year. Under this, vending machines and kiosks will now be installed at 42 stations to prevent people from spitting on railway premises. According to the news received, spittoon pouches of up to Rs 5 and Rs 10 will be given to this vending machine from the railway side. Railway's 3 zones - West, North and Central Railway have given a contract for this to a Nagpur-based startup Easypist. The specialty of this spittoon is that it can be easily carried by any person in his pocket. With the help of these pouches, the traveller can spit without any stain anywhere, anytime. Meaning now Rs 1200 crore will not be wasted.

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