Abbas Siddiqui to contest in UP, alliance with left in Bengal

New Delhi: Abbas Siddiqui is also in the headlines between BJP and Trinamool Congress (TMC) in Bengal. He has formed the Indian Secular Party (ISF) and aligned with the left parties. With which Congress has formed a united front. But many Congresspeople consider Siddiqi as communal. The controversy within the party continues. Abbas says his agreement is with the left, not Congress. He said that it would have been better to fight elections, but there is arrogance in the Congress.

It is noteworthy that Pirzada Abbas Siddiqui of Furfura Sharif is accused of deceiving Asaduddin Owaisi. Owaisi visited Abbas at his residence in January. He also said that he wanted to contest the elections together. But Abbas formed a separate front in Bengal. He said that I had not had a long conversation with Owaisi Saheb. What do I do if his party's people from Bengal talk about it? But Abbas said that if Owaisi Saheb gave a ticket to someone here, we would not be there. On the question of up after Bengal, Siddiqi said why not? If there is an election, you will definitely fight, but no one has spoken yet.

The Indian Cellular Front (ISF), the Indian cellular front (ISF), is taking over 37 seats in Bengal. Earlier, the Nandigram seat was received by ISF. But now, from there, the CPS's Meenakshi Mukherjee is fighting. Mamata Banerjee is contesting from Tmc from Nandigram seat. The BJP candidate against him and the Shubdu officer who is close to him are the candidates. There are about 30 percent Muslim voters in Nandigram. If there was an ISF candidate, Mamata's Muslim vote could have been a dent in the bank. The BJP would have benefited.

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