This app will save your life from snake-bite
This app will save your life from snake-bite

In the year 2018, a report was revealed that 450 poisonous snakes were caught from Gurugram in about a month. Recently the World Health Organization has released a report on snakes, which says that every year 2.8 million or 28 lakh people in India bite snakes, out of which about 47 thousand people die. The biggest cause of death due to snake bite is not timely arrival of the patient in the hospital and not getting the vaccine on time. So now the question is that if someone bites a snake, what is the way to save it. Let us tell you about an app that can save your life on snake bite.

The name of this app is Indian Snakes, which you can download in your phone from Google Play-Store or Apple's App Store for free. You can also give information about the snake present in this area on this app. This app has been introduced by zoologist Vivek Sharma. Vivek is accompanied by Jose Lewis who is the deputy director of the Wildlife Trust of India. This app has been developed by Leopard Lab.

Under the Indian Snake App, help can be taken on snakes or snake bites within 100 km radius. This app gives you information about nearby hospital on snake bite. Apart from this, it has also been told through video about the way snakes bite. If you see a snake at your home, then you can give information about it on this app. After this, the snake catching team will come to your house and take the snake. The species of snake is also mentioned in this app.

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