Indian start-up launches an electric scooter with reverse gear in Auto Expo

Feb 05 2018 08:29 AM
Indian start-up launches an electric scooter with reverse gear in Auto Expo

Twenty two Motors is a startup of Gurugram, which will launch its first electric scooter flow in an electric scooter segment in auto expo which is starting in a few days. The company has installed a 2.1 kw or electric motor in this electric scooter and weighing only 85 kg, while this e-scooter can lift 150 kg weight. Once full charge, the flow e-scooter can be run up to 80 km and its top speed is 60 km / h. Flow scooter is the first product of the company launched in India and its initial price is estimated to be up to Rs 60,000.

Talking about the features, Twenty-Two Motors has equipped the electric scooters with excellent features. These features include reverse gear, cruise control, LCD display, Kinetic Energy Recovery System and programmable LED lights. Apart from this, the company has added the flash electric scooter to the mobile app so that the scooter can be tracked and if any problem is encountered in the scooter it can be identified by this app.

Apart from all these scooters have been given another feature which makes it absolutely unique electric scooter whose name is ' Geofencing’. With the help of Geofencing’ Facts, the driver can program the electric scooter in a radius, so that the scooter can be run in the same limited area. If this scooter is accidentally or intentionally taken out of the scope, it will be closed automatically, along with the information of the driver on his phone. The company has installed a 2.1 kW battery in the flow scooter which generates 90 Nm peak torque at 100 rpm. Its battery is fully charged within 2 hours and it can be operated around 80 km in a charge.

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