Indian student Esha Bahal becomes British High Commissioner to India for 24 hours

Oct 09 2018 10:14 AM
Indian student Esha Bahal becomes British High Commissioner to India for 24 hours

New Delhi: A student of Political Science at a University of Noida has been appointed the High Commissioner of the UK for 24 hours on Monday. The British Commission organized a competition on International Girl's Day in which the student got an opportunity to become the High Commissioner for a day. Let us tell you through the competition the participants had to tell everyone through video presentation that what they understand with gender equality and what is theirs. For this, the students of the country had prepared their presentations.

In this competition Noida's Isha Behl won and she  got this opportunity. Isha wants to become a social entrepreneur after completing her studies .She worked on the post of British High Commissioner on Monday. After coming to this position, Isha took several meetings and also visited many places. After becoming British High Commissioner, he also went to Gurujram and examined the ongoing project.

Apart from this, Isha says about this unique experience that this opportunity is very special and important to her. She says that on this day she came to know how deep the relationship between India and Britain is. In competition, Isha had done a lot of hard work, with whom she made several disclosures.

Isha says that it was very easy for her, because she had to make a video and upload it to Facebook, in which she had to tell what the similarity would be to them. After doing all this, he got a mail saying that he had won it, which was a very good experience. At the same time, British High Commissioner Dominic Esquith said, "I am happy that we could organize this competition and give Indian women a platform to talk about their issues."

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