Indian unveils Asia's first hybrid flying car at major world expo; expected to become a reality by 2023

We are coming closer to making flying vehicles a reality every day, one step at a time, thanks to various companies across the world chasing the goal, and India is not far behind. At the world's largest Helitech Expo - Excel, London - Chennai-based Vinata Aeromobility presented Asia's first hybrid flying vehicle.

On its YouTube page, the firm also posted a video of the flying car's digital prototype, which shows the cabin and seating arrangement. The flying car can hold two individuals at a time and has wings-like doors that open upright. There is a large digital touchscreen device mounted vertically that may be utilized for navigation and other purposes. 

Above the vertical panel are three horizontally arranged displays that display various functions such as weather information, followed by a yoke-like steering wheel with the company's emblem in the centre. The seats appear to be quite comfortable and constructed of high-quality materials. One of the seats has a champagne holder on the side.

Vinata's hybrid flying car is a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) machine with a Co-axial quad-rotor rotor arrangement. It has a maximum takeoff weight of 1300kg and weighs 1100kg. The flying car's primary selling point is that it will be manufactured in India and will run on biofuel in addition to electricity, making it more environmentally friendly. It has a peak speed of 120 kmph and can fly for up to 60 minutes. It can fly at a maximum height of 3,000 feet above the earth.

Last month, Vinata Aeromobility showed its flying vehicle prototype to India's Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, who lauded the company's efforts. The flying automobile, which is expected to be a reality by 2023, would be used to carry passengers and freight as well as provide medical emergency services.

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