In menstruation, this woman comes to bleed from eyes

There are many shocking reports from all over the world. Now, we are going to tell you similar news today. This is the news of Chandigarh where a woman gets blood from her eyes during menstruation. We all know that menstruation or periods come to women every month and all are disturbed by the bleeding that occurs during this. In fact, this is the period when women face many kinds of problems. In the meantime, some women have unbearable pain in the abdomen, some are dizzy, some have problems like weakness.

But the matter which has come up now is shocking. The case is from Chandigarh where a 25-year-old married woman has blood tears in periods due to a rare medical condition. In this case, the woman told the doctors that "she did not have any pain or discomfort because of it. Even she conducted several tests to find out the causes of bleeding from her eyes, but all the reports came normal. There was no injury to his eyes, nor was he a family history of ocular bleeding."

Now the woman has to know what exactly is the reason behind it. In this case, when the doctors examined, they felt a certain pattern. The doctors understood that both times when the woman had a tear of blood, her periods were going on. In the meantime, the investigation revealed that this rare situation is the ocular vicarious in which the periods also bleed from organs other than the uterus. She said that this bleeding can also be from lips, eyes, lungs, stomach, and nose.

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