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Women's soccer teams began to emerge much later than men's in Asia, and India is no exception. The emergence of the first women's national soccer team in India was a celebration in the 1970s. From 1975 to 1991, the team was managed by the WFFI (Women's Football Federation of India. But unfortunately, it was not recognized by Fifa and the AFC. All this was because the participating Teams were small enough to host championships, and federations did their best to dissuade teams from participating in tournaments. Therefore, only six teams participated in the first tournament among the women's national teams in Asia. There were two teams from India, India S and India N, teams from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Western Australia. The composition S was able to take second place in the tournament, and in 1981 it took third place. Due to the fact that the WFFI did not do well in promoting the national women's team, the team's affairs began to deteriorate. But that all changed in 1991 when Fifa took the women's national team. Under its leadership, the first good tournament for women was held. In 1996, the Olympic Committee organized a football tournament among women's teams on Olimpic Games 1996.

1998 was a terrible year for the Indian women's national soccer team. India first lost to Taipei 1-13 and then to the Chinese national team 16-0.

Assembling the squad was not easy, but after years of inactivity, India's women's national soccer team woke up again in 2012. The roster was formed in 2009 after two months of training.

All this benefited the team since, after all the difficulties, the Indian women's national football team won first place and gold medals three times at the South Asian Games in 2010, 2016, and 2019. In 2019, first place was won in Pokhara, where the Indian national team beat the tournament hosts from Nepal with a score of 2-0.

On Friday 26 November, the India women's soccer team will play against Brazil. And on 28 November, the Indian women's soccer team will play against the Chilean national team. Both matches will be played in Manaus, Brazil. Every fan can watch live football HD on Fscore.

At the moment, the main turner of the team is Swedish specialist Thomas Dennerby, assisted by Assistant Coach - Chaoba Devi Langham, Goalkeeping Coach - Rajat Guha, and Physiotherapist - Priyanka Bodkhe.

At the moment, there are 23 players on the team.

·     №1 (GK) Aditi Chauhan, age 29 (20 November 1992), current team Gokulam Kerala

·     №19 (GK) Maibam Linthoingambi Devi, age 22 (2 February 1999), current team KRYPHSA

·     №26 (GK) Sowmiya Narayansamy, age 21 (25 July 2000), current team Sethu

·     (DF) Hemam Shilky Devi, age 16 (23 November 2005), current team Young Welfare

·     №2 (DF) Nganbam Sweety Devi, age 21 (1 December 1999) current team KRYPHSA

·     №3 (DF) Manisha Panna, age 30 (20 April 1991) 18 0 current team Gokulam Kerala

·     №4 (DF) Loitongbam Ashalata Devi, age 28 (Captain) (3 July 1993) current team Sethu

·     №14 (DF) Sorokhaibam Ranjana Chanu, age 22 (10 March 1999) current team Gokulam Kerala

·     №16 (DF) Dalima Chhibber, age 24 (30 August 1997) current team Gokulam Kerala

·     №22 (DF) Ritu Rani, age 24 (25 May 1997) current team Gokulam Kerala

·     №3 (DF) Wangkhem Linthoingambi Devi, age 26 (1 March 1995) current team KRYPHSA

·     №11 (MF) Dangmei Grace, age 25 (5 February 1996) current team Gokulam Kerala

·     №12 (MF) Indumathi Kathiresan, age 27 (5 June 1994) Tamil current team Nadu Police (women)

·     №13 (MF) Martina Thokchom, age 17 (13 July 2004) current team KRYPHSA

·     №17 (MF) Sanju Yadav, age 24 (12 September 1997) current team Gokulam Kerala

·     №27 (MF) Soumya Guguloth, age 20 (18 January 2001) current team Gokulam Kerala

·     (MF) Karthika Angamuthu, age 21 (1 January 2000) current team Tamil Nadu Police (women)

·     (MF) Yumnam Kamala Devi, age 29 (4 March 1992) current team Gokulam Kerala

·     №9 (FW) Anju Tamang, age 25 (22 December 1995) current team KRYPHSA

·     10 (FW) Pyari Xaxa, age 24 (18 May 1997) current team Rising Student Club

·     №16 (FW) Manisha Kalyan, age 19 (27 November 2001) current team Gokulam Kerala

·     №26 (FW) Renu, age 20 (16 January 2001) current team Kickstart

·     (FW) Mariyammal Balamurugan, age 18 (1 January 2003) current team India Tamil Nadu Police (women)

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