Indian-German immigration and mobility agreement is a positive development – opines Pranav Gupta, Ashoka University Founder

New Delhi, December 20: German Foreign Minister, AnnalenaBaerbock on her first trip to India met Indian External Affairs Minister, Subrahmanyam Jaishankar to address environmental issues; climate crisis and sign a mobility accord that would enable mutual migration. The deal would make it simpler for the people of both countries to engage, pursue studies, work and do research in each other's countries. “This partnership will strengthen the relationship between the two countries and help in the bilateral mobility of students and researchers. This alliance will forge value collaboration in addition to connecting the two nations economically. This is the first agreement of its sort that will promote change and allow for further progression in a positive track,” opines Pranav Gupta Ashoka University Co-Founder.

The advancement of research and higher education is a sign of the growing interdependence between the nations. More and more Indian students seek opportunities presented by German institutions. The parties praised steps taken at the university level to develop combined or dual degree programs that would represent a collaboration between institutions of both nations. Increased student exchanges between the two nations are anticipated as a result of the migration and mobility agreement, which would also make it easier for German students to enroll in India’s higher education institutions (HEIs).   As part of student outreach programs and other efforts like Study in India, the Indian government supports the admission of German students in top institutions of the country. Indian government also recognizes the design of online introduction programmes that Indian students can attend prior to beginning their higher education courses in Germany.

India is a country where several discoveries and breakthroughs have been made. The challenging learning atmosphere inspires students to think creatively and succeed in their academic endeavors. India's Ministry of Education launched the Study in India (SII) programme as one of its flagship initiatives that invites foreign students to complete their higher education in the country in an effort to promote India as a leading worldwide education centre. 

“The Study in India programme offers foreign students the ideal setting for absorbing the finest of Indian educational system. And now, thanks to the ‘mobility and migration’ agreement between India and Germany, our nation can capitalize on the vast potential of mutual mobility, pursuance of excellence and skillful personnel to our mutual benefit,” asserts Pranav Gupta.

Despite its own social challenges, India is a well-established democracy and developing economy that serves as a link between many nations worldwide. India and Germany have had diplomatic ties for 71 years and since 2000, they have sustained a close alliance. The migration and mobility partnership would enable university-level engagement between Indian and German institutions. Beyond academia, this agreement provides a coordinated and cooperative effort in combating upcoming pandemics and makes it easier for German entrepreneurs and business professionals to visit and invest in India.

“India will have a significant impact on how the world order is shaped in the 21st century. With this deal, Germany has reaffirmed the commitment and partnership of two nations by easing the process for Indians to relocate there for education and employment. The agreement will enhance work prospects for the nation's skilled workers as well as provide Indian students additional opportunities to engage in research and development projects in Germany, particularly in the STEM fields,” shares Pranav Gupta Ashoka University Founder.

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