Corona peak may come to major cities in country by next week, expert claims

Covid-19 infection cases are gaining momentum in the country. Amidst all this, experts say that corona infection cases will be peaked in some of India's largest cities by next week. In fact, amid the rapidly increasing transition at the moment, experts have expressed apprehension that corona cases in cities like Delhi and Mumbai will reach their peak by next week. After May last year, there is a sharp rise in infection cases in the country. Last Thursday, 2 lakh 47 thousand 417 cases were reported which is 30 times more than the daily cases a month ago. Recently infections from omicron variants are increasing rapidly instead of delta variants across the country.

On the other hand, Gautam Menon, professor of biology and physics at Ashok University in Delhi, said, "Our modelling and model of others also shows that corona cases may peak around January 20 in India's big cities. While infection cases may increase faster in the first week of February across the country and infections will peak during this period. More than 36 crore people across the country have been infected with corona so far. In addition, India ranks second only to the US in corona infection cases.

Mumbai recorded the highest number of 20,971 infection cases last Friday but since then the cases have been decreasing a bit. On the other hand, city officials said that the rate of infection is also declining. About 80 per cent of the COVID-19 hospital beds are vacant here. 28,867 new corona cases have been reported in the country's capital Delhi within the last 24 hours on Thursday. During this period, 22,121 people have recovered from the corona. While 31 people lost their lives due to corona infection.

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