India's DGX-2 supercomputer will be twice ten times faster than the older one

Jun 16 2019 08:56 PM
India's DGX-2 supercomputer will be twice ten times faster than the older one

The world's most powerful supercomputer DGX-2 has also arrived in India's Artificial Intelligence. It has been installed at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Jodhpur. This is expected to boost artificial intelligence training activities in the country. Dr. Singh, who is also the Chairman of the Department of Computer Science at IIT Jodhpur, said, "It is an "It is the fastest and most powerful supercomputer of its kind in the world for artificial intelligence applications that have come to India for the first time. It has been put here in a special laboratory.

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The computer cost about Rs 2.50 crore, has 16 special GPU cards and each has a capacity of 32 GB, Green said. Its RAM is 512 GB. He said the common computer capacity is only 150 to 200 watts while this supercomputer has a capacity of 10 kilowatts. This will help in training AI's large apps.

Every computer program is based on data analysis and this analysis will be very fast in this supercomputer. The 16GPU cards of 32 GB capacity on the computer make it very special in terms of capacity and significantly increases performance. DGX-1 supercomputers are currently available in some institutions in the country, including IISc Bengaluru. The DGX-2 supercomputer came into the country for the first time and has almost doubled its capacity from the previous version. Broadly speaking, the work that takes 15 days from DGX-1 will be done in just one-and-a-half days. The internal storage of this computer weighing about 150 kg is 30 TB. IIT Jodhpur and American supercomputer company Nvidia have signed a two-year agreement for research in the AI field. Under the same agreement, this computer has been brought here.

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