This electric scooter driver will have no fear of falling, is able to balance self

Sep 20 2019 02:40 PM
This electric scooter driver will have no fear of falling, is able to balance self

Two-wheeler is considered to be the most preferred vehicle for a commuter. This is also the reason why two-wheelers come and pass even the biggest traffic easily. However, due to a lack of stability, accidents also happen. Now to reduce this accident, Indian start-up Liger Mobility has come up with a solution that will completely change the opinion of the two-wheeler driver. Let's know in full detail

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For your information, this start-up belongs to the IIT group and this startup has introduced a product in which the scooter can make the balance by itself and it runs with a voice command. However, the product is still on the prototype stage and it will take some time to fully go into production. This scooter is given the command to come from the reverse command and the parking slot.

Till date, no vehicle has been seen in the country that a vehicle will come out automatically by your voice command. It was quite amazing and the rider can control it easily. Not only this, any person who has never driven a two-wheeler can also run it easily.

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In this video, it is clearly visible how the scooter is being driven and how the feet are not being placed on the ground even after stopping the scooter. The company has used a device in which this scooter always maintains balance.

There is no risk of the rider falling into it. This device has been made by the team of Liger after nearly 2 years of research. According to the video, through this additional device, the prices of this scooter will be increased by about 10 percent, which is economical.

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