Fierce fire broke out on set! Badshah ran to save Shilpa Shetty

The popular reality show India's Got Talent Season 9 of the television world has garnered a lot of popularity. The show has created a special place in the hearts of the viewers right from its very first episode as the contestants are showcasing such tremendous skills that every Indian would be proud to see. Many contestants are coming to the show, seeing whose skills the people of India including the judges are stunned. Now in the upcoming episode of the show, a contestant will perform such a fierce stunt with fire, which will take people's breath away.

A new promo video of the same show has been shared. In the promo, a contestant named Pritam Nath tells the judges about his stunt that he will be locked in a house, then that house will be set on fire. He has to get out of the house before the house is completely burnt. But seeing what happens next, everyone can be surprised and the heartbeat can increase. As soon as the house is set on fire, the contestant is unable to unlock himself from inside the house.



In the same video, you can see that a boy tries to take out the contestant, but he is not speaking… and on seeing the whole house catches fire. The cameras also stop capturing. Suddenly panic is created throughout the set. Badshah is saying nervously, I can't see anything on television. All the judges get very scared. Badshah runs to save the boy. A voice is coming in the background – hit the water… turn on the fire brigade. Shilpa Shetty screams out of fear. The promo of the show itself is awful. Now it will be known only after the episode is telecasted whether the contestant was able to get out of the burning house or not and if it came out then how did he come out. At present, seeing this promo, the curiosity of the audience has also increased to watch this episode.

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