India's growth is linked to its technological advancements: Jaishankar
India's growth is linked to its technological advancements: Jaishankar

NEW DELHI: External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar on Tuesday said that India is now more conscious of the fact that where and who processes its data.

Addressing the seventh Global Technology Summit, Jaishankar said that India's rise is linked to its technological advancements.

The External  Affairs minister also highlighted the significance of technology in the contemporary world order, particularly in the current geopolitical scenario. He further said that technology and globalization are key issues of political science and should not seen merely as economic issues.

Describing data as the new oil, the minister said that technology is assuming political dimensions quickly. He also said that the world cannot pretend that there is something neutral about technology.

"No activity, whether economics or technology, is neutral. One can speculate if the substance is data, oil, or data as the new oil... Understanding that it (technology) has a very strong political meaning built in is important "Jaishankar added.

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