'India's politics will revolve around BJP for the next 30 years...', Prashant Kishor's big prediction"

New Delhi: Election strategist Prashant Kishor has said that for the coming 20-30 years, the politics of the country will revolve around the BJP, either you are with the party or you are against it. PK also talked about his life during this time and said that he wants to be 'successful'. According to him, the definition of success is how much you have the ability to influence the lives of as many people as possible. Giving examples, she said that in a beauty contest, the contestants talk big about bringing change, but their goal is to make a career in acting or modeling.

Prashant Kishor said in a program that BJP has become a very strong party electorally and once you secure 30 per cent votes in India, you last for many decades. He said that the saying 'whoever goes up, he has to come down' may be true in the long run, but as politics revolved around the Congress for 40-50 years after independence, so will the next 20-30 years. Will be with BJP till

Referring to history, he said that in the few decades after independence, except in 1977, no Pan India party could compete with the Congress. He said that the process of unity of the opposition goes on for a very long time. If the right things are not done, no opposition party or alliance will be able to come up with a pan-India reach for the next several years, he added. He said that since 1984, Congress was never able to come to power on its own, UPA was also a coalition government.

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