Indira herself uplifted Bhindranwale, then got him killed: Claims General Brar

New Delhi: The country's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru is often accused of ignoring the Kashmir problem. It is said that if Nehru had not given Kashmir a separate flag, a separate constitution, and a separate Prime Minister by imposing 370, then today Kashmir would not have been fuming in the fire of terrorism. Now a similar sensational disclosure has been made about the Khalistan dispute. Indian Army Lieutenant General (Retd) Kuldeep Singh Brar, who played a key role in Operation Blue Star, has revealed many important secrets in this matter.  

Punjab continues to burn, Congress-Akali Dal continue to do politics:-

He said that the Khalistani movement in Punjab is raising its charge again and the neighboring country Pakistan is helping it. Lt Gen Brar played a key role in the 1971 Indo-Pak war and the liberation of Bangladesh. He was also the commanding officer of Operation Blue Star, due to which he was also on the hit list of Khalistani terrorists. For this reason, he was also fatally attacked in London 10 years ago, which he escaped unhurt. General Kuldeep Brar has told that Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale became very powerful at the behest of Indira Gandhi. After that when he went on to become uncontrolled, Operation Blue Star was ordered. However, by then it was too late and Bhindranwale had become a cult. General Kuldeep Brar said "In that time of crisis, parties like Congress, and Akali were engaged in politics. It is true that only political parties allowed Bhindranwale to become a cult.''

DIG was killed and thrown in front of the Golden Temple:-

He further said, 'In the 1980s, the situation in Punjab had become very bad. Law and order shattered. The police had become a passive force. Many people used to accept Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. He lived in a village called Rode. After this Punjab began to fall and Bhindranwale became a powerful figure. Innocent people were killed in Punjab, drugs, and weapons were smuggled and banks were looted. General Brar said that at that time law and order were completely broken and Bhindranwale became very powerful. General Brar said that 'A DIG was murdered and thrown out of the Golden Temple. The police were also scared of taking any action against him.'

It was Indira Gandhi who promoted Bhindranwale:-

He claimed that Bhindranwale was getting full support from the Congress government at the Center. Year after year, Bhindranwale reached the top and all this was happening in front of Indira Gandhi. By 1980, everything went well. But, from 1981 to 1984, the law and order situation in Punjab deteriorated significantly. Robberies, thefts, and murders were taking place everywhere. When Bhindranwale become uncontrollable then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi ordered an attack on him. Not only this, he (General Brar) was elected during the Blue Star operation.

He said that in early 1984, sentiments were so strong in Punjab that Bhindranwale was going to declare Khalistan as a separate country. General Brar also cited unemployment among the youth as one of the major reasons behind the agitation. He said " And then the movement for Khalistan started. At that time unemployment was very high in Punjab. Young people didn't have jobs. The youth used to roam around with pistols on their bikes. There was also many Mini-gangster. Bhindranwale had complete control over the state.''

Khalistani movement begins to rise again in Punjab:-

When asked about the attempts to rejuvenate the Khalistani movement, he said, 'It is terrible. I go to Britain, I go to Southall, I see Bhindranwale's picture everywhere. What happened to our overseas Indians who have gone abroad?' On the current scenario of the Khalistani movement in Punjab, he said, 'Yes, there is a revival of the Khalistan movement in Punjab. Pakistan is also helping them. London, Canada, America, and Pakistan all together want to revive the Khalistan movement here.'

Operation Blue Star and Bhindranwale's death:-

Bhindranwale was the head of the Sikh religious sect Damdami Taksal. While one section considers Bhindranwale a saint, another describes him as a fundamentalist and a murderer of hundreds of people. He was killed along with his other followers during Operation Blue Star launched by the Indian Army in the Golden Temple complex. The Indian Army launched Operation Blue Star in 1984 between June 1 and June 8. India's then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had ordered a military operation to flush out Sikh terrorists, including Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, who was present with weapons inside the Golden Temple complex.

Even today, there is resentment in Punjab against the Gandhi family:-

It has been 39 years since Operation Blue Star took place at the Golden Temple, but after this statement of General Brar, there is a possibility of a stir in Punjab politics. Even after so many years of Operation Blue Star, there is anger in the Sikh community about that campaign. Even today, the Gandhi family does not get VIP treatment in the Golden Temple. Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi are not given Siropa even today.

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