Indonesia forms a team to probe on the fatal football stampede

JAKARTA: According to Coordinating Minister of Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Mahfud MD, Indonesian authorities have set up an impartial fact-finding team to look into the deadly stampede that took place during a football game in the East Java province on Saturday.

The minister in charge of the fact-finding team said at a televised press conference that President Joko Widodo personally assigned the team to investigate the reasons behind the stampede that left 125 people dead and at least 320 others injured as well as the perpetrators of the disaster.

"A month at most will be worked on by this crew. The president will be directly informed of all findings and suggestions "said Mahfud. He said, the team included representatives from pertinent ministries and government organisations, as well as observers, academics, and members of the media and professional football organisations.

Along with creating the committee, Widodo also gave the country's military and police organisations orders to look into the officers and troops who are thought to have been responsible for the stampede, Mahfud said.

The Indonesian Police have come under fire from the public, according to local sources, because many people think that the stampede occurred after the police shot tear gas at the masses, which caused panic among fans and a stampede at one of the stadium's exits. "The National Police must take action against its regional structural officers stationed in the region where the incident took place within three days. The police must also identify suspects for all potential offenders right away" Mahfud said.

In the meanwhile, the Indonesian military "must apply sanctions and investigate all of its soldiers who are found to have done needless actions that caused the stampede." 

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