Corona wreaks havoc in Indonesia, 34 people lost their lives in one day

Jun 28 2020 07:12 PM
Corona wreaks havoc in Indonesia, 34 people lost their lives in one day

On Sunday, 34 new deaths have been reported in Indonesia with 1,198 newly infected cases. The total number of infected people has reached 54,010 in the country, while the total number of deaths has reached 2,754. This information was given by Health Ministry official Achmad Euriento.

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Not only Indonesia but the whole world is facing Corona crisis. There are now more than one crore cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the world. According to the news agency Reuters, on Sunday, the number of cases of corona which has been exposed till now has exceeded one crore. In the last seven months, about five lakh people have died from it. However, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 96 lakh 50 thousand cases have been reported worldwide. The WHO has been quoted by the news agency Reuters as saying that the figure is almost double the number of serious influenza illnesses reported annually.

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America is the most infected with the virus in the whole world. Here the figure of infected has reached beyond 25 lakhs. After this, Brazil, Russia and India are the most infected countries. Infections are increasing every day in countries. At present, no vaccine has been prepared for this virus yet, due to which people are afraid of this virus. The countries affected by Corona are relaxing the lockdown. In such cases the cases of infection are increasing very fast. Not only this, cases have started increasing in many countries where the infection was controlled. Due to this, partial lockdown has been imposed in many places. At present, all people are being advised to take precautions to avoid this virus.

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