Woman sentenced to death for affair under Sharia law

Jakarta: A woman has been publicly punished with 17 lashes in Indonesia, the world's largest Islamic country. It is being criticized all over the world. The woman's husband says her wife has an illicit relationship with another male, for which she has been punished. Pictures of the woman being flogged have gone viral on social media. The case pertains to Asah province of Sumatra island of Indonesia.

Here, a woman is accused of walking with someone other than her husband. On the husband's complaint, according to Sharia law, the woman was convicted of having an affair and sentenced to the public flogger. The identity of the woman who was convicted has not been revealed. The woman was also in a white burqa while being punished. The punishing woman, called Algojo, was also wearing a burqa and had a wooden stick. The woman who was being punished was made to sit on her knees on the ground. After that, her body was flogged. During this time she screamed in pain, but she continued to be beaten till the punishment was over. The woman finally fainted and fell to the ground.

The woman as well as her boyfriend were punished as per Sharia Law. Police officials were also present on the spot during the conviction of the duo. At the same time, there was a huge crowd of people watching the incident and making her videos. In Indonesia, Asah is the only province where Sharia law is applicable. Here, any crime is punished according to the Quran. The Qur'an has a very strict provision of punishment for women. In Muslim countries, women have to depend on their father or husband for most of the work. She cannot get out alone without their consent or with them. On the other hand, there are strict laws for sexual relations before and after marriage.

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