Person got 14 doses of corona vaccine, Will Surprised to know what happened

The second wave of the corona epidemic caused a lot of trouble to the people and now after this wave the new variant Omicron has created a ruckus all over the world. In view of this, the campaign of corona vaccination is being run in all the countries. In the midst of all this, many institutions have made the corona vaccine certificate necessary for people to remain in the job. Due to this, those who were hesitant to get the vaccine, are also now coming forward to take the vaccine in the greed of the certificate. Whatever it is, this vaccine can save your life. However, in the midst of this epidemic, many people have found a means of earning. Such a shocking case has come to light from Indonesia. Something has happened in this that after knowing that will blow your senses.

In Indonesia, a person is getting himself a corona vaccine in the name of others for only 4 thousand rupees. As soon as this matter was exposed, the senses of those who knew it were blown away. You must be thinking that instead of selling the corona vaccine certificate, this person got many corona vaccines, but it did not have any side effects on him. We all tell you how this person used to do this. In fact, many people have been forced to take this vaccine since the corona vaccine certificate was made mandatory. In view of this, to take advantage of these people, this person named Abdul Rahim, a resident of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, used to get the vaccine himself by registering others in the name.

After this, he used to sell the vaccine certificate to the people for 4 thousand. You will be surprised to know that Abdul has got the vaccine 16 times so far. According to some reports, Abdul Rahim has taken 2 doses out of 16 corona vaccines in his own name, the rest in the name of others. After the disclosure of this matter, it was found that Abdul used to get the vaccine in the name of others and then sold his certificate to the people for five hundred to four thousand. Abdul himself had made this offer in front of the people by making a video. In which he said that if anyone wants a certificate of corona vaccine without injection, then contact him. However, later the matter reached the police and after that he was arrested.

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