Indonesian parliament passed a bill dealing with sexual violence

JAKARTA – Indonesia's House of Representatives enacted a long-awaited sexual violence bill on Tuesday, after nearly a decade of deliberation.

The measure, which was first submitted in 2012, aims to create a unique legal framework that recognises sexual violence as a crime punishable by law and provides victims with protection.

The bill was reportedly approved by the House after a majority of members voted in favour of it, "The passage of the sexual violence bill into law is a gift to all Indonesian women," said House Speaker Puan Maharani, who presided over the ratification session.

The new rule allows authorities to take prompt action on reported cases of sexual harassment based on a single piece of proof, rather than the current minimum of three, according to lawmaker Willy Aditya, who chaired a special panel considering the bill. "This is confirmation of our country's presence in providing justice and protection to sexual abuse victims, which we see as an iceberg phenomenon," he said.

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