Research done by placing corona, patients ' fruits in their mouths, not spread by fruits and vegetables
Research done by placing corona, patients ' fruits in their mouths, not spread by fruits and vegetables

Indore: During the lockdown that ensued across the country due to corona virus, people were most scared of fruits and vegetables. People were afraid to buy fruit vegetables, so that they did not have corona viruses. At many places, the district administration had also seized the suspicious manure material, but now the doctors associated with the Aurobindo Medical College at Indore have claimed after research that the corona does not spread from vegetables and fruits.

The research has been conducted by neurologist Dr. Ajay Sodani, Dr. Rahul Jain, and Dr. Kapil Talang, which has also been published in the International Journal of Community Medicine. According to Dr. Sodani, 10 infected patients of different ages were treated for research. There were five women. There was also a patient who did not have corona symptoms, while other patients had problems such as fever, colds and breathing. All these were patients whose reports were positive two to five days ago. An atmosphere like vegetable-fruit sale areas was created for research. Dr. Sodani said that a tray full of fruits and vegetables was kept in front of these patients for 30 minutes. The patients were asked to have masks and coughing in their hands. Then put fruits and vegetables in their hands. Some patients also kept fruits and vegetables in their mouth. The process was conducted five-five times by the patients. Thereafter, these fruits and vegetables were placed on the roof for an hour in a tray, where there was natural air, but the sunlight was not coming straight. An hour later, the fruit and vegetables took samples from the surface and sent them for RTPCR testing. No infection was found in any fruit or vegetable in the investigation. The entire process was also videographed.

Let's tell you that earlier organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) have also said that the infection does not spread due to vegetables or fruits. Even after that, people stopped buying vegetables and fruits because of fear. He worked in Lokharon by eating potatoes and onions and other things. The effect was that patients with other diseases, including sugar, were besieged by other problems. Dr. Ajay Sodani, head of the department of neurology, Aurobindo Hospital, said that when the fruit-vegetable infection came to the fore, we tried to find out the scientific reasons behind it. This research was made in the same link. The entire process has also been videographed.

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