Indore: BJP leader's son's negligence, intoxicating injured dozens of people

Apr 07 2021 10:36 AM
Indore: BJP leader's son's negligence, intoxicating injured dozens of people

Indore: The number of crime that has been on the rise over the past several days is getting more and faster. Not only that, many people have lost their lives today because of these crimes. While these crimes have been reported in many big and small parts of the country today, today we have brought you a case that will make you all lose your face shade. The case is not of anywhere else but from Azad Nagar in the Indore district of Madhya Pradesh.

Yes, last night, April 6, 2021, Faizaan, son of local BJP leader Firdaus Patel, created a ruckus in Azad Nagar on Tuesday midnight while driving a car drunk. He hit several vehicles in which some people also sustained serious injuries. After the incident, dozens of people rushed to Azad Nagar police station to file a report. The accused also hit his car with the policemen in an attempt to catch the car. More than 25 vehicles chased the car rider. Meanwhile, he ran blindly and hit people.

According to Azad Nagar police Faizaan was heavily drunk and was running the car. In the meantime, the car that came in front of it blew it up too. The sensation added tension in the area. People gathered and rushed to Azad Nagar police station to report Faizaan. The police cordoned off but did not get caught. According to eyewitnesses, when the car MP-09 CE-6481 was chased by the people, Faizaan also hit the policemen who were blocking the road by speeding up. People chased more than 25 vehicles including Bikes, Activa, Autos, and tried to stop him. The criminal kept running the car. Meanwhile, he also injured several people on the way. The policeman also followed by bike but the car driver reached the Khajrana intersection and then hit an Activa rider and fled. Car is registered in the name Ishaq Md. Patel resident of Azadnagar.

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