Indore: Boy converted as girl for lover, surgery not succeeds and then...

Jan 06 2020 03:40 PM
Indore: Boy converted as girl for lover,  surgery not succeeds and then...

Recently, a case of crime has come out from Indore. In this case, Harish Tiwari got a gender change 4 months ago to marry his friend and after that, he became Palak Tiwari but this surgery of medical science was not successful. In this case, Harish could not become a woman after surgery and after the change of gender, he could not even become a full-fledged woman, being upset by all these, Harish Tiwari aka Palak Tiwari has committed suicide. In this case, the police said that "26-year-old Palak Tiwari, who lives in Prajapat Nagar, hanged herself and the family only told the police that she was in depression." 

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The police investigation found that a young man named Rohit Tiwari, who lived in an apartment, had married Palak, a resident of Dwarkapuri, and Palak was earlier known as Harish. It has been told that he looked like a girl from childhood and Rohit used to go to a private college to teach. After that, both lived in a live-in relationship for 8 years, and then 4 months ago, after making a gender change, Harish became Palak.

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While undergoing a gender change, Palak had a lot of trouble and her health started deteriorating and she started having problems with urine too. After that, she also got a second operation done, but to no avail and she went into depression. After all this, she hanged herself on Saturday night and died.

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