Indore: FSSAI seized expiry material from Hotel Radisson

Indore: Serving safe and nutritious food to people should be the first priority of any foodservice industry. Vigilance and measures are necessary to gain the confidence and trust of the customers to handle safe food throughout the food chain. Hotels come under food services and come under the purview of FSSAI. As per the order of the FSSAI, all the 5-star hotels rated by the Hotel and Restaurant Approval and Classification Committee require FSSAI Central License. In order to ensure food security compliance from the same 5-star hotels, officers including Vaidehi Kaljunkar Scientist and Mukesh Geete FSSAI Technical Officer of Western Region Mumbai Sheila Gauli, designated officer and Central Licensing Authority, along with their team inspected a 5-star hotel in Indore in Madhya Pradesh.

On inspection of the same premises, general cleanliness and major non-compliance were found. Some of these raw materials like tea, mouth freshener, peanut butter, vinegar were used to prepare food but their expiry date was over. Actually, according to their respective product labels, all these goods were good before the date. But if these raw materials are used in the preparation of food after expiry, it is not safe for the customers and could pose health hazards to the people. Therefore, considering the seriousness of the situation, the expired products were scrapped.

In addition, it was also found that raw potatoes and ginger kept in storage containers were rotten. Rotten potatoes and ginger were not pruned. Boiled potatoes without peeling were found rotten in the kitchen area. Along with this, it was also seen that the pitchers of pickles here were kept open without a lid. There was no pest control management as cockroaches and flies were found in the staff canteen and raw material storage area. Further, the documentation and record-keeping were not found satisfactory. FBO failed to produce mandatory documents such as Pest Control Management, Third Party Auditing, Records, Approved Vendor List, Consumer Grievance Redressal, etc. As per the order of FSSAI, FOSTAC trained supervisor was not appointed.

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