Indore: The girl committed suicide due to a cigarette, will be surprised to hear the whole matter

Indore: In Indore, Madhya Pradesh, a class 11 student had to commit suicide due to smoking cigarettes. Hearing this matter, everyone's senses were blown away. In fact, some school friends had clicked the photo of the girl smoking a cigarette in their mobile and after that they started threatening to make it viral. Hurt by this, the girl student committed suicide by hanging herself in her house. Now the police has started investigating the matter. According to the information received in this case, a girl living in the Silicon City area was a student of class 11 in a well-known private school in the city.

Yes and her father is a children's doctor and mother is a nurse in neighboring Barwani district. On Monday evening, the girl's parents had gone out of the house for some work and the younger sister (10 years) and brother (4 years) were playing under the building. In the meantime, the girl swung on the noose in the room. At the same time, when the parents came back in the evening, they saw the daughter hanging on the noose and tried to save but by then the girl was dead. Before she died, on Saturday, the student had told her father that she had smoked a cigarette with her friends while leaving coaching, and at the same time, two students studying in coaching and a student clicked her photo from their mobile. Had taken.

After that all three classmates started blackmailing him by saying that he will send the photo of smoking to your father and mother. However, the father forgave the daughter on this matter. However, the girl student was still afraid that friends would make her photo viral on social media and she was running under stress about this. In this case, the investigating officer of Rajendra Nagar police station, Shyam Joshi said that in this case the police took the statements of the family members and further action is being taken.

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