Indore: Three youths quarrelling with ward staff, Police beats up through the gun

Video of Indore police brutality has surfaced over internet. Policemen are seen thrashing three youths with punches and kicks and also by using the back of gun. The matter is of Hathipala Area of Raoji Bazar Police station. 

It is being said that two youths were seen creating ruckus in the premises of a liquor shop, Police got the information about the incident and reached the destination. When the police arrived one of the youths ran into the shop for the save and was later being beaten brutally by the use of gun, punches and kicks.

According to the FIR registered in Raoji Bazar Police station, the complainant Shubham sen, resident of 47 Salvi Bakhal Indore, runs the liquor shop. He stated that Arun Soni, Krishna Soni and Akshay Rathor, residents of Mahesh guard line, had a verbal spat with Bhaskar who works at his shop, over the matter of seeking disposal.

The three youths started abusing verbally to Bhaskar, when he asked them not to abuse, they all started beating him up fiercely. When Shubham went to rescue, the trio hit him too. The police personnel were informed, when they arrived the accused started to hide in the compound. On which the policemen thrashed them fiercely. Police have registered a case against the accused three youths. 

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