Indore: Young woman who went for a walk with another boy was publicly beaten up by an old friend

Indore: Crime and beating cases are on the rise in Indore nowadays. Now the photo of the recent case that has come to light is going viral fast. As per the information received in the case, a young woman went for a walk with another and was publicly beaten up by another youth. After that, the young woman also slapped the young man two to four times. The photo is currently going viral on social media and police have registered a case under different sections against the youth and arrested him after the photo went viral. The entire case is said to be the parking lot of a commercial tower at Janjeerwala Chowk in Indore where the youth assaulted the girl.

The youth who assaulted the girl was reportedly upset that she had gone for a walk with another youth, though another youth who was out for a walk with the girl at the time of the assault also tried to intervene. Meanwhile, an angry girl's old friend threatened to kill him too and later the girl also slapped the accused youth. The entire case is said to be from the Janjeerwala Chowk in the Tukoganj police station area.

In this case, the victim told the police that she works in a private company near the Janjeerwala ​Chowk. She had gone to visit Khajrana Ganesh temple with her other friend last Monday but on her way back she met her old friend Piyush Chouksey at 5 pm. After all this, Piyush started assaulting her as soon as he approached her office. Piyush lives in the Hiranagar area and threatened to kill the young woman and her friend on the way. Police have now arrested the accused Piyush Chouksey in the case.

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