This is why every month women get periods, Know the reason

Sep 17 2019 02:21 PM
This is why every month women get periods, Know the reason

There are many such things mentioned in religious beliefs which you may have never heard. One of them is a story related to menstruation. By the way, the weakness of a woman is considered to be menstruation. It is often said that the question arises in every woman's mind that why women suffer from menstruation, what is the reason behind it…? Why does menstruation happen…? According to religious beliefs, the reason behind this is considered to be the curse given by Indra. Today we are going to tell you why Indra cursed women?

According to the Bhagavat Purana - When Devraj Indra became angry. Taking advantage of this, the Asuras attacked heaven and Indra had to leave his seat and run away. Then, while resolving this problem, Brahma told him that he should serve Brahmgyani so that he could get his seatback. After that Indradev served the Brahminist. The mother of the Brahmgyani was an asura, but Indradev was unaware of this. For this reason, that Brahmgyani had a separate place for the asuras in his mind and hence he was offering all the Havan material of Indradev to the asuras in place of the gods.

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On discovering this, Indradev got angry and killed that Brahmgyani, who had given him the sin of killing Brahma, who followed him as a demon. To avoid this, Indra Dev hid in a flower and for a million years he meditated on Lord Vishnu and after that God suggested Indra a remedy to get rid of this sin. At the same time, God told Indradev that "He should give some part of this sin to the tree, earth, water and woman." Indra convinced the four for this and Indra gave a quarter of the sin of killing Brahman to the tree. Given and also gave this boon that trees can be alive on their own whenever they want.. On taking a quarter of the sin, water got a boon that it would be able to clean anything and the earth got a boon that all its injuries would be filled automatically.

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With this, Indra gave a boon to the woman that she would be able to enjoy work or physical relationship twice as much as men, but for this, women would also have to face the torture of menstruation every month. It is said that this curse given by Indra became a curse for women and since then, women are taking the sin of brahmacharya as a menstrual period.

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