2 Easy homemade hair dye ideas
2 Easy homemade hair dye ideas

Many people are facing infections due to hair dye. Chemical used in these type of products are sometimes really very harmful. But giving your hair a stunning look is always refreshing. Here are two homemade dye ideas for you to decrease your hair damage problem.

Add some iron and antioxidants:
Beetroot is a good source of iron and carrots. It also has a high percentage of antioxidants and can give you a red-haired look. Replace these salads from your plate and juice it up. Spray this juice combination all over your hair. If you don’t prefer juice, make a thick paste and apply it to all over your hair using a brush. Keep it for 30 minutes, use a blow dryer on your hair or step out in sun for 30 minutes to let it dry. Rinse it off with shampoo followed by a conditioner. Use colour protection shampoos for long-lasting effects.

Brew it up with some darker shades:
Prepare a decoction of your favourite tea or coffee. Brew one tablespoon of tea or coffee for 20 minutes. Let the water reduce by about a third and after that allow it to cool down. Filter the brew and keep it aside. Shampoo your tresses, followed by a good conditioning. Pour the brew through your damp hair. Repeat this twice a week for a good shade.

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