Influencer's mantra for the social
Influencer's mantra for the social "wake up"- Zaka Nasir Shaikh reveals it all

Zaka Nasir Shaikh is a social media influencer enlightening everyone with his diverse content. A hospitality graduate from Kolkata, his niche mainly centers around food, fitness, lifestyle & fashion. His popularity among instagram followers kick started from his bodybuilding days. He strives to be the best version of himself and motivates everyone to do so.

Even during the current pandemic situation, he has not let his determination and passion for his work waver. He, at present,is flourishing with booming success in his life. Collaboration with numerous brands and supplement advertising are some highlights of his work from the home regime. He embodies the idea of turning the odds in one's favour, regardless of the circumstances.

Following the new norms and adjusting to the new normal has been a feature change in all our daily affairs. Hence,he is working from home and keeping up with safety measures and integrating a balance between work and household chores. He has actively engaged himself in performing gastronomic activities, giving himself complete command and proper insight over his dietary intake. He strives to incorporate self reliance and encourages the masses to do the same by preparing their own meals, thus enabling them to make healthier choices in life.

The emphasis on working out and keeping healthy is of paramount importance to maintain our immunity in these times. Zaka Nasir Shaikh strongly affirms that to have a healthy lifestyle, one should at least work out for 30 minutes. As the vaccine is not available yet, individualistic initiative to sustain one's immunity and vigilance will be the few factors to fight against the pandemic. Apart from building one's immunity, one must also follow all the measures and policies mandated by the government.

As for a social media influencer, it is imperative to follow these guidelines and influence one's audience, especially the youth, to comply with the same. As a responsible and alert citizen, Zaka Nasir Shaikh does his best to make the most and convey the most essential and effective information through his influence on social media. Even in such grim times, influencers like him have to be creative, cautious and conscious about their content. Considering how people are engaging on their mobile phones more than ever, it’s a great opportunity for influencers like him to inform, educate, and enlighten people to improve their quality of living and advocate for a happy and healthy life.

You can also connect with Zaka Nasir , Instagram - @the__zackattack

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