Innocent had to remove bottle from pond, death due to falling in water
Innocent had to remove bottle from pond, death due to falling in water

Betul: This news last Saturday afternoon in Amadar village, mother and son died due to drowning in the pond. The mother went to the pond to wash clothes with her son and daughter. Meanwhile, the son was playing with a bottle while sitting near his mother. At the same time, the bottle fell into the pond. Due to which the son drowned in the pond, in order to save the bottle, the mother also jumped into the pond to save him. Due to the deepening of the pond, both have died due to drowning.

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The resident of Betul Bazar police station, Lata husband Anil went to the laundry pond on Saturday with his elder son Rishi and daughter Saloni. Since the son Rishi was playing with a plastic bottle near his mother. Meanwhile, suddenly the bottle fell into the pond. Rishi fell into the water while removing the bottle. Seeing the son drowning, mother Lata also jumped in the pond and when both did not come out, Saloni ran to the village and told the villagers and family members about the incident. The villagers informed Dial 100 about this entire matter. Police, with the help of villagers, have removed the bodies of the two from the pond and sent them to the hospital for postmortem.

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Anil said that the wife never used to wash clothes on the pond, but the festival of Mahashivaratri was going to come near due to which she went to the pond with the children. Between the incident, there were only mothers and children at the pond. So nobody could come to help. When the daughter informed everyone about the incident, both had died due to being immersed in water.

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