Transformer's Robotic Car now to run on road

Apr 28 2018 06:12 PM
Transformer's Robotic Car now to run on road


If you are the die heart fan of the Hollywood move Transformer then you must have seen the movie. In the movie, it looks so fascinating when the car takes the form of a robot and then with his driver presents impeccable action int he movie. Although it is a movie, instead today the car that we are going to tell about really takes the form of a robot. Means, the char transforms its shapes just like the transformer movie. 

Yes, actually Japanese engineers have created a robot that turns into a sports car within a minute. Leading to this sports car also turns into a robot. You may not believe this, but this news is absolutely correct. According to the reports, the speed of this robot car is thirty kilometres per hour and it is a two-seat car.

This is a great achievement in the history of robotic science. It has been created by a company called Brave Robotics. The CEO of this company was influenced by animated film Transformers who have designed this robot car. Till date, no one has created this type of masterpiece. The creators say that this car will bring a revolution in the automobile field.

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