Innovative ways to stop the corona ruin your BIG day

Dec 02 2020 05:07 PM
Innovative ways to stop the corona ruin your BIG day

After devoting countless hours to your big day 'the wedding', even the smallest mistake or change seems like a disaster. In the coronavirus time, couples are witnessing a pandemic instead of worrying about the wedding arrangements.

A wedding gathering is the perfect casualty of the disease. The frightening virus is communicable and has forced people to live in isolation to avoid contamination. Calling off a wedding can be a costly affair for many but that is what you should do during seeing the current situation. However, if you still plan to have the wedding then the least you should do is follow some tips for protecting against COVID-19. 


1. Make hand sanitizers available 

Bring their own sanitizers, you can always make them available at the wedding. Ask the management to circulate a tray of sanitizers around the venue to make it available for everyone or you can place them at their seats. 

2. Have an intimate wedding 

If you're willing to have a wedding with just your close ones, then go ahead and do it. Having an intimate wedding with just your family and friends can make it a happening yet safe event. 

3. Avoid hugs and handshakes 

The coronavirus transmits from a person-to-person. Avoid shaking hands or hugging when you see each other to avoid any kind of infection from affecting you. 

4. Glove-service 

Ask your wedding planner and the staff to wear gloves while serving the guests. From the valet to the servers, everyone should take the necessary measure.

5. Clean the tech-devices 

Modern weddings include microphones for speeches, computers for the DJ, and whatnot. Small tech devices can contain a lot of germs and they can be a source of spreading the disease. You must clean your phones, mics, computers, even car keys to limit the exposure. 

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