Instagram will soon add these special features

Jul 10 2019 10:32 AM
Instagram will soon add these special features

The photo-sharing app made a big change in Instagram's comment feature. This has been announced by Instagram recently. There are two major changes to this social media photo sharing app. One of the features has been recently rolled out while the comment feature is currently being tested. It may also be rolled out soon. Instagram said, "This restricted feature is currently being tested. After rolling out this feature, Instagram users can respond to comments to one of their followers. Let's tell you for the full details that

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With this feature, users can select followers who comment in their posts. With this feature, your profile may be completely private. With this feature, you can select followers for comments and direct messages according to your mind. You can also approve or disapprove comments from any follower according to your mind.

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For your information, Instagram's purpose behind injecting this feature is to make the profile even more secure. In addition to the resistance feature that has been introduced in Instagram's new feature. You can think again about commenting on any post.

This feature is equipped with Artificial Intelligence which can identify any hate comment or official comment and notify users. However, this feature doesn't stop you from commenting before you comment but gives you the opportunity to read your comments again before you post.

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