Instagram launched a new feature, you will be able to earn huge

Instagram is giving content creators another way to earn money. Meta's photo and video sharing app Instagram has launched a subscription feature. This feature was spotted in November last year. However, Instagram has made it live for only a few US creators. With this feature, creators will be able to give their paid followers access to exclusive Instagram Live videos and stories. Not only this, but the subscribers will also get a special badge, which will differentiate them from other users in the comment section and inbox of the creators.

Instagram has made this feature live with 10 American creators. The app is considering this as an alpha test. Meaning creators will give their feedback using this feature. If we do the same thing about subscription, then creators will have the freedom to decide the price of their content. Creators will receive 8 price points ranging from $0.99 to $99.99 per month. After subscription, users will have access to subscribers-only content such as story highlights. Users will receive an alert when the same exclusive broadcast starts. Since this broadcast will be for subscribers only, so the number of users will be less.

Due to which followers will be able to connect with content creators in a better way. Subscribers-only stories will appear with a purple ring. For the time being, creators will not receive a separate subscription section in Analytics, but they will receive details of the revenue earned from the subscription. Creators will receive information about subscription earnings, total subscribers, new subscribers and cancellations from subscription settings. However, creators will not be able to export the subscriber list. Instagram says it is also working on a tool that will allow creators to receive messages from their subscribers off-platform in the future. At the moment no one will take away from the earnings of Instagram creators.

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