Instagram makes big announcement, brings big scheme for users under 16
Instagram makes big announcement, brings big scheme for users under 16

Instagram has always made an effort to secure social media platforms for young users. The Facebook authorized app has announced that users under the age of 16 will no longer have a public account. These users' accounts will be private in the default manner. Instagram will send notifications to these users and ask them to shift from public account to private account.

Also, when it comes to Insta's terms and conditions, users should be over 13 years of age to log in to Facebook and Insta. Instagram said in a blog post that it does not want youngsters to discuss with adults they don't know. And the only way to curb this is to make the accounts of the youth private. Announcing the feature, Instagram wrote, "From this week, everyone who is under the age of 13 (or under 18 in some countries) will automatically set their account on private when they join Instagram.''

Private accounts let people control who looks at or responds to their content. If you have a personal account, people will have to follow you to see your posts, stories, and reels. People can't comment on your content in those places, and they won't be able to see your content at all in places like Explore or Hashtags.

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