Intense Heat Exacerbates Water Scarcity in Gwalior-Chambal Region
Intense Heat Exacerbates Water Scarcity in Gwalior-Chambal Region

Gwalior: The scorching heatwave in Madhya Pradesh's Gwalior-Chambal region has intensified, aggravating the already dire water scarcity situation in various residential areas of Gwalior city. Residents are grappling with acute water shortages, enduring waits of three to four days for water supply.

For the past four months, numerous colonies have been devoid of tap water, compelling locals to rely on Municipal Corporation tankers for their daily water needs. "We haven't had tap water for the last four months. Our only source is the municipal corporation tankers, and sometimes we have to pay for their services," lamented a resident.

Despite repeated complaints to civic authorities, residents have seen no relief. They allege receiving the same response from Municipal Corporation officials, promising water availability in a few days. Dishearteningly, when residents approach local corporators seeking alternative arrangements, they claim to receive dismissive responses, even suggesting disconnection of water connections if shortages persist.

Addressing the crisis, Gwalior Collector Ruchika Chauhan assured that water supply is being maintained through tankers. She attributed the shortage to last year's below-average rainfall, resulting in diminished reservoir levels. Urging prudent water usage, Chauhan warned of deepening water scarcity by July if conservation efforts aren't prioritized. Measures are underway to mitigate the crisis, including supplying water to affected colonies via tankers.

Furthermore, Chauhan disclosed a proposal worth Rs 19 crore sent to the state government for lifting water from Kaketo and Pehsari Dam. Approval of the proposal would significantly aid in resolving the water scarcity issue, providing relief to affected residents.

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