No snakes exist in this country, here are some lesser-known facts
No snakes exist in this country, here are some lesser-known facts

There are many countries in the world and many mysteries are to be unravelled in every country. Today we are going to tell you something about Ireland, which you have never heard. Brazil is a country which is also considered a country of snakes. Because there are so many snakes found, you cannot find anywhere else in the world. But do you know that there is also a country in the world, which is 'snakeless', that is, not a single snake is found. Ireland is a country where there is not a single snake, but when you will know the reason behind it, you will be shocked even more.

You will be surprised to hear that there is evidence of the existence of mankind in Ireland in 12800 BC.  Also, another special thing about Ireland is that there is a bar which was opened in the year 900. The name of this bar is 'Scene Bar'.

Now coming to the most important question, why no snakes are not found in Ireland? A mythological story is prevalent due to this. It is said that to protect Christianity in Ireland, a saint named St. Patrick surrounded the snakes of the whole country and threw them into the sea. He completed this for starving himself forty days. But scientists believe that there were never snakes in Ireland. No such record has been found in the Department of Fossils. There is also a popular story about the snakes in Ireland that snakes were first found here, but they became extinct due to the cold. Since then it has been accepted that snakes are not found here due to cold.

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