Interesting Story on Shravan Somvar Vrat

In India, the month of Shravan receives great importance especially for women as they perform different rituals in the month of Shravan. Shravan is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar which is observed by Shiva devotees. A whole month of fasting and offering prayers, Shravan is considered highly auspicious. Shravan is followed by two calendars, one that is followed by people in North India also known as Purnima calendar and people down South follow the Amavasyant calendar
Storu of Shravan Somvar

Once upon a time, a moneylender used to live in a village. He was a rich man; however, he had no child. Thus, he was always sad and worried. In order to have a son, he used to observe fast every Monday with complete dedication. he used to visit Lord Shiva and Parvati temple and worship them. Seeing his dedication and Goddess Parvati got happy. She requested Lord Shiva to grant his wishes. He was then blessed with a baby boy. However, this offering had one condition. The baby boy will only live for 12 years. After his wish was granted, everyone in the family was happy, however, only the moneylender knew that his son will only live for 12 years. One day, when the boy completed 11 years, the moneylender decided to send him to Kashi at his uncle's place for further studies. However, he knew that he has only 12 years. He asked his son and his uncle to offer Yagna and prayers to Lord Shiva. In fact, he himself worshipped Lord Shiva with entire dedication.  On his journey to his maternal uncle's home, he observed a wedding taking place. The groom had a defect in one eye and this boy became the groom and got married to the daughter of a rich man. He sets on his journey to his uncle's place. One day, his uncle was preparing to offer Yagna, hawan to Lord Shiva and donation to Brahmins. Meanwhile, the boy fell ill. As a result, his uncle asked him to take some rest. It was the 12th year of his life and his life span was completed. He ultimately died. Seeing him dead, the uncle got worried and was heartbroken. however, he decided to complete the religious offerings. Seeing this, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati were impressed as they were passing by his home. All the relatives were crying. Seeing their pain, Lord Shiva granted life to that boy as a result of his devotion. The boy returned home with his bride and lived happily ever after. His parents' devotion in Lord Shiva and his great powers, were multiplied and they thanked Mahadev.

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