International Students’ Day 2022: Why do we celebrate Int’l Students Day On Nov 17?
International Students’ Day 2022: Why do we celebrate Int’l Students Day On Nov 17?

How many of us are aware that on November 17th, the world celebrates International Students' Day? Perhaps we are unaware, or perhaps some of us merely consider it to be another holiday.

International Students' Day is marked annually to draw attention to the value of education for all students. The objective of the day is to ensure that every child has access to an education. The day of November 17th was selected to be commemorated as International Students' Day as a result of the activities that took place in Prague during World War II.

International Students' Day is annually observed with fervour and zest by students all across the world. But are we aware of the reason for the celebration? Continue reading to learn the why and how.

Know the history behind celebrating International Students’ Day: This day honours the students' resistance to the German annexation of Czechoslovakia and the deaths of worker Václav Sedláek and Jan Opletal in 1939, when the Nazis stormed the University of Prague.

As a result, the Nazis arrested the students, killed nine student leaders, and interned more than 1,200 of them. The day is set aside to honour their grit and tenacity.

The multiculturalism of international students is now celebrated by colleges all around the world without regard to politics.

The day appeals for assistance in delivering adequate, safe, and beneficial economic, social, and health benefits for the welfare of all students worldwide.

The day honours how crucial it is for young people all across the world to have access to education. The purpose of the day is to draw attention to the impact that these young people have on the globe. Also, it aims to advance their interests and rights. The day also honours the willpower of international students who muster the bravery to follow their goals of studying abroad.

The day acknowledges the sacrifices made by these students who uproot their family in order to succeed in their chosen professions.  By learning alongside students from around the world on the same platform, it encourages them to confidently push boundaries and broaden their horizons.

Nowadays, people all across the world honour and promote education by celebrating International Students' Day. Students can study about other cultures and languages on this day.

Therefore, by supporting student exchange programmes, this event seeks to promote international education and cultural interchange.

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