International Yoga day 2018: Aasans to avoid sleeping disorders
International Yoga day 2018: Aasans to avoid sleeping disorders

Most of the people go through stress every single day, we sometimes get tired of the work at the office or the assignments we have to complete and sometimes even stressed over breakups of relationship. When we’re tired, all that we want to do is to get a good amount of sleep and forget about everything that is troubling us. Sleeping disorders are very annoying, sometimes we sleep too much and sometimes we are sleep deprives. To get the perfect amount of sleep is very important as it will help us run our day better.   About 7 to 8 hours of sleep is required by every healthy person.
Here are some Yoga pose suggestions that will help you sleep well through the night.
This pose helps you relieve stress and people who are suffering from Insomnia.
Stretch your legs apart, and stand straight. Take your hands right from top to your legs touching it. Make sure you don’t bend your knees, while going down, try to put your arms on the ground.

2.Viparita Karani
This pose helps improve the blood circulation. Find two things: a wall and a cushion. Sit next to the wall with legs pulled up, with the support of the wall, take the support of the cushion. Then use your hands to push your hips up in the air and rise above the ground. Stay there for as long as you can, repeat the steps for five minutes.

The aasan is considered the mother of all the other aasans. Stand straight with your legs a little apart, then keeps your arms next to your hips. straight face and inhale the air, feel the air travelling inside your body until it is exhaled out. Repeat the steps.

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